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You’ll love Mamma's Care Classes which are best in India, located in most of cities .—it’s the “trifecta” of birth preparation: feel-good prenatal fitness, essential childbirth education and celebration of pregnancy and birth. All rolled into one profound & powerful class that supports you at every stage, from pre-conception through postpartum. Each signature move & technique is designed to guide your baby into the optimal fetal position and enables you to effectively work with your baby and your body for a birth experience you’ll love. Discover the keys to activate your birth instincts for a safer, easier birth!

After you give birth, come full circle and wear your baby to class for postpartum fitness, parenting education and bonding with your baby.

Our scientifically designed parenting program is the most efficient way to learn your baby's step by step developmental milestones (physical, cognitive, social and psychological). our techniques accelerate the process of development and smoothens the process seamlessly from one stage to another.

Fitness & weightloss after delivering a baby is still either the most stressfull or most ignored process for Indian mothers. Our Mum & Bub classes are proven to be the most effective way to get the results.

we always feel proud in flaunting our FIT & FAB mothers.

Upcoming Classes

Dance for life

Belly dancing workshop for expecting moms

Mermaid moms

Be in most perfect form of your life

Achieve a perfectly toned body with our prenatal & postnatal mermaid moms program



gift classes

The best gift you can give to the expecting loved ones

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The mermaid moms


Prenatal and Postnatal instructor training progrms

Dr. Swati Bajaj is conducting prenatal and postnatal instructor training programs in all the big cities of India if you aspire to work in women health industry, this is best opportunity to grab .its a unique program which include everything regarding pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal fitness

yoga delight with Dr. swati ...

rejuvinate your self with most energising and most relaxisng workshop .. one of a kind you have never experienced before

Fit mom's boot camp

Open garden bootcamp is our every sunday activity. HIIT & Tabata workouts for this weekend. So get ready to sweat it out and achieve the fittest version of yourself.

It's fun filled workshop which is so relaxing for expecting moms. Scientifically designed exercises for mothers which are customised according to individual's need too.

YES ... design your master piese. The art of parenting workshop is and brain storming ineractive session with couples. Know the step by step scientific development of your baby and learn to use the techniques to accelerate process for physical, mental, psycologica, social and spiritual development of your baby.

"Feed your belly" The diet and nutrition workshop

"You are a result of what you feed" know the ideal diet for your pregnancy, clear your doubts and myths about diet and nutrition.

Belly Dancing has been practiced from ancient time by pregnant mothers for physical, physiological and psychological benefits. It's an cheerful activity which has got lot of significant benifit in pregnancy and child birth.

"get set go" The preconception workshop

Today's stressful era is full of aspirations and complications a couple has to be prepared for while bearing a child. Infertility is another fashion trend. Stress and age related hormonal problems are at boom.

So get prepared physically psychologically and medically and start the journey of parenthood.

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