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You will find our aquanatal classes enjoyable during pregnancy. Exercising while standing in water is gentle on joints and can help lessen swelling in legs, which is a common symptom in late pregnancy.


  • Moving in water to take pressure off your back which tends to be overloaded from the weight of your baby. This often helps reduce ankle and calf swelling often associated with pregnancy.


  • Water allows you to be weightless helping to alleviate stress on muscles and joints. Pregnant women's temperatures tend to be slightly higher than normal and aquacise is a favourite form of exercise because water has a cooling effect on their bodies.


  • Swimming instructors claim it is excellent preparation for labour because it helps women to concentrate on their breathing, bringing more oxygen to their lungs, a technique which can help to reduce pain during childbirt.


  • Aquacise also helps release toxins, thanks to the pressure of the water. Pressure helps send more blood to the heart, having the effect of cleaning out our systems. This process helps release toxins from our body which can help reduce water retention - a common complaint among pregnant women.


  • Aquacise is excellent for regaining strength to your abdominals after labour because this is an important aspect of the class. However women should not attempt to strengthen their abdominal region until at least six weeks after childbirth because this area is still tender and stretched


  • Women with sacroiliac joint dysfunction and pubic symphysis dysfunction related pain gets benifited with the aqua exercises.

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