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                         8 WEEKS PROGRAM

We all have four layers of abdominal muscle that shape your mid-section and support the lower back. There are many reasons why the abs can weaken and lose shape: past pregnancies, abdominal surgery,bed rest, sitting for hours a day at a desk, to name a few.


  In your 8 Week Course you will undertake the following during the course:

  • Develop a strengthened CORE

  • Improve the function & strength of the pelvic floor

  • Strengthen abdominal muscles, flatten stomach and re-shape waistline

  • Improve muscle balance, reverse muscle imbalances, which can cause back injuries & postural problems

  • Check for overstretched connective tissue due to past pregnancies;

  • Improve back health by strengthening the structures directly responsible for spinal health & injury prevention.

  • Improve posture, stand straighter instantly

  • Improve deep abdominal stability

  • Regain control of abdominal muscles that have been cut from surgery

  • Demonstrate quick and easy ways to work your core/ abdominals everyday.  

  • Ultimately, learning the correct & safe way to strengthen your “abs” is a sure-fire strategy to an improved appearance and a healthier body - just what the Doctor ordered! 










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