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Prenatal Belly Dancing

Belly dancing has been proven very effective for pragnant women since encient time. It helps in abdominal muscle strengthning. Belly dancing is helpful in regaining rhythem of contraction during latent period of labor. Belly Dancing was actually started for women in pregnancy and labor. There are several different types of belly dance but most of them involve doing slow, undulating and rolling motions, such as hip circles and figure-of-eight movements. The 'Camel Walk' and other steps are great too. See the videos in videos tab for inspiration. Your baby will love it!


Many woman in labor naturally move in the circular motion of belly dance. It's a natural way to get your baby in the best position for birth. It can even encourage labor to start!

Ancient forms of this dance have been practiced for hundreds of years right across the Globe. Women from Egypt, Morocco, Hawaii, New Zealand, India and many other countries have been doing circle-dances or belly dancing for pregnancy involving figure-of-eight movements since time began. All these forms of dance, which use circular hip movements, help with childbirth.


Childbirth professionals encourage the practice of belly dance for pregnancy and I recommend it for labor too! The music is hypnotic and can take you to an altogether different place, so you can be taken away from the anxious state-of-mind that you may find yourself in.

Benefits of Belly Dance in Pregnancy with Mamma's care:

  • Strengthening pelvic and deep abdominal muscles and all those muscles specifically used for giving birth, thus facilitating the process of birth and of recovery.

  • Great for relaxation and relieving stress.

  • Encourages the baby into a forward (anterior) lying position; optimal position for labor and birth.

  • Can move a posterior baby off your back.

  • Improve self-confidence and positive body-image.

  • Aid and encourage good posture.

  • Help maintain general fitness. 

  • Promote good balance and co-ordination.

  • Relieves pregnancy back pain.

  • Improves abdominal control and awareness.

  • Helps maintain pelvic floor tone and therefore reduces chances ofuterine prolapse in later life.

  • Help you meet other expectant Moms if you attend a class.


Belly dancing is designed perfectly to help women’s bodies be in balance. When done during pregnancy or labor it helps the baby move into a good position ready for birth. The muscles of the uterus (womb) move the baby in a clock-wise corkscrew fashion. Belly dance moves enhance this natural action, the leg movements are quite hard work but will strengthen your legs for labor – while dancing you need to keep your knees ‘soft’ not locked.


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