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Couple exercise classes

Working out with your partner is a great way for both of you to get in shape. In fact, studies show that couples tend to mirror each other's health habits. A Brigham Young University study of nearly 5,000 married couples found that men in excellent health tended to have wives who were also healthy. A University of Pittsburgh study of 3,075 women and men found that highly active men were three times more likely to have highly active wives and researchers at UPenn found that working out as a couple boosts weight loss. Here are four reasons which make good sense to work out as a couple:


  • Creates "Us" Time: How often do you and your partner complain that you don't spend enough quality time together? When you work out as a couple it doesn't feel like a chore or an obligation. It's an activity you get to share that feels great and creates a bond. Studies show the endorphins you get from working out also boost libido!

  • Keeps You Motivated: When one of you is tired or feeling lazy, the other partner can boost your morale and cheer you on. Research has long shown that embarking on a health and fitness plan with a partner increases the likelihood that you'll both keep at it and achieve your weight and fitness goals.

  • Shows You Care: Is your guy working hard to be healthy and vigorous for you? Does your gal make you proud to call her your wife? Investing the time, energy and commitment in your health and your fitness is a beautiful way of saying "I love you."

  • Reduces Stress: Life is stressful and relationships can be too. But we've found that working out together each day is a great time to release pent-up frustration. By the end of a vigorous workout session with your partner, you will both feel relaxed and happy. For us, it's better than couples counselling!

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