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Prenatal Yoga

Every single posture in our prenatal classes is selected after thorough research. we have designed a prenatal yoga regime in a way that it provide maximum benefit to pregnant mothers. our mothers are the most happy and healthy ones because they take time out of a busy schedules for themselves and for their babies to practice yoga , to gain strength, to be stronger mentally and physically so that they can welcome their baby in a natural way.


The word "yoga" is originated from Sanskrit word 'yuj' which mean "union"—yoga connects mind body and soul.Pregnancy is a time which has to be enjoyed and experienced fully. It is a phase where a new life is created and nurtured in mother's womb. Just being in your body that is home for two is yoga. Your pregnant body is naturally and miraculously in a state of enhanced energy and creativity. Taking time to pause in the stream of day-to-day activity to connect with your body enables you to experience and enjoy these augmented senses.

While practicing yoga in pregnancy your relationship with your baby strengthens—physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is a time to consciously engage your energy in the creation of new life and to be attentive to the impact of this major life event. Spending time with yourself and other pregnant mothers and keeping yourself positive is the great way to cherish 9 months of pregnancy easily.

Even if you have never practiced yoga before, being pregnant can provide the motivation for beginning this healthful practice that will give you strength during pregnancy and facilitate early recovry and rehabilitation in postpartum period. You will find that your practice will become a source of strength and love, during and after pregnancy

Prenatal yoga is a great way to gently relax, release, and attune your body and keep up your energy as your belly blossom with growing baby.The natural, vital, and restorative energies of the body and mind are enhanced through gentle yoga postures.

Yoga counterbalances the growing abdomen and maintains good posture. Stretching while strengthening helps to release the pelvic opening in preparation for birth. Toning the pelvic floor allows for a more controlled birthing, lessens complications, and enhances postnatal healing.

patterned yogic breathing  is important in preparation for responding  labor by coordinating with the rhythms of contractions. Breathing awareness is essential for relaxation, comfort, and confidence.

yoga prepares you to face childbirth with courage. Being relaxed and confident during labor reduces fear, tension, and fatigue. Flexibility , mental and physical strength ease the birthing process, thus reducing pain and increasing the joy of giving birth

With hormonal changes, emotions are also heightened. Whether they are in the realm of joy or sorrow, love or anger, you may experience feelings with surprising depth and in rapidly changing rhythms. Noticing and allowing yourself to feel your emotions fully has a positive effect on your health and, therefore, on your baby’s health too.

Prenatal Yoga encourages stretching,at the same time strengthening, mental centering and focused breathing.
Research suggests that Prenatal Yoga is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and babies, such as:​​

Physical benefits: 
  • Provide muscular strength and endurance

  • Improve posture 

  • Cures insomnia and facilitate better sleep 

  • Improve bood circulation and cardiovascular endurance

  • Maintain proper bio mechaniques of joints

  • Reduce swelling, cramping and leg and foot pain 

  • breathing techniques help in dealing with labor pain 

  • Pelvic floor strength can reduce chances of urine incontinence and helps in healthy birth

  • Help to keep your baby in an optimal birthing position 

  • Speed up the thr recovery process after birth

  • Regular yoga in pregnancy helps you to manage back ache, sciatica, coccydynia,sacroiliac pain syndrome, symphysis pubis dysfunction and therefore improves quality of life in pregnancy

  • Decrease nausea , constipation and gastric issues

  • Decrease headaches and early fatigue

  • Decrease the risk of preterm labor

Mental and spiritual benefits: 

  • Provides time for women to cultivate a relationship between their body,breath and baby

  • Mother learns to deal with mood swings

  • Helps mother to meet and create bond with other pregnant mothers to share experiences and prepare for motherhood

  • Build self confidence and positive body image by learning to appreciate every part of growing baby and changing body 

  • Become mentaly strong and  learn to cope up the anxiety, fear related to pregnancy and child birth

  • Become educated in a supportive, community environment of prenatal classes

Benefits for your baby: 

  • Better blood circulation to foetus

  • Improved oxygen flow to baby

  • lesser chances of baby going into distress during labor

  • Lead baby into a proper birthing position and into a natural birth

  • researches suggest better apgar score at birth if mother is breathing properly during labor

  • you can nurture special qualities in baby right from womb life with meditation and womb bonding


Package A

weekend session

saturday sunday classes for working moms

at pimple saudagar pregnancy yoga centre and hospital sessions

Package B

Regular session


most preferred thrice a week classes for our super aware moms


Package C

custom session
single or few sessions for moms having less compliance for regular classes
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