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Swati’s classes are the true blessing for prenatal and postnatal mothers and their babies. I have been doing her class for almost two year so I have a perspective from both sides of my labor. From my shaky first trimester to my overdue delivery, she has been a guiding light who helped me stay grounded, mobile, and present throughout my entire pregnancy. Her class provides a sacred space to connect with yourself and your baby, all helping you to prepare for labor. The energy swati brings, her knowledge, her power, her playlist, the meditations, the flow.everything about this class is, like I said, a true blessing for us all.”

Shrijika Agrawal

Dr.Swati is a rare combination: she creates a positive space, is genuinely supportive and sweet, and also extremely intelligent. She understands anatomy and always makes sure your alignment is correct. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of everything prenatal and spends time before and after class answering students' questions and calming anxieties. Personally, she helped me through my postnatal period too,gave me lots of advice and recommendations.”

Harsha rai

Our bodies are meant to birth babies beautifully and naturally. How do we do this? We prepare our bodies and minds for this remarkable experience. I started my journey with swati when I was 10 weeks pregnant, I was a little nervous but I quickly became addicted and continued through my due date. I loved how I felt my body getting stronger throughout each class. It was a welcomed break to quiet my mind as well. Class wasn’t just fantastic because I was doing something amazing for my baby and body; The physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of prenatal yoga helped to prepare me for the most incredible, peaceful, and virtually pain free natural birth I could have ever imagined. I’m grateful to swati for supporting and empowering moms and helping them to have the best birthing experiences possible, ones they are proud of!"

Sagrika Sharma

Swati is an expert in what is does, she is a thorough professional with a lot of personal touch through out my pregnancy. I was so energrtic and felt very fit. Thank you swati for making my pregnancy so easy and fun, it not only gave me physical activeness but also gave me mental strength. 

Chani Trivedi

What I have found most useful is not just the physical gains but the emotional spiritual calm from the meditation and breathing. You have such a warm and wonderful teaching style plus you are very knowledgable and obviously passionate about the classes.

Nikita Soni

I fortunately met Dr. Swati in a random meet and she is a neverlasting part of my life. I was going through a difficult period of post natal depression. My counselor suggested me to start excercising and I found her most appropriate to start with. She made me realize I could achieve anything with my physical and mental potential; it was a life changing experience. I got my confidence and the joy of life back... within a year I have started my own art studio a complete bliss. Thank you SWATON

Rahat Kazmi 

I know you say this all the time,  but I'll say it again- the key for me was to breathe. I used my slow deep breaths during contractions and they were equally as important to help me recover during the pushing phase. The more controlled my breathing was, the better for him while he made his way out. My doctor kept saying- "breathe for your baby!"... and I surely showed her some deep intense yoga breathing!
Thank you for all your help with the preparation for this big day. I will miss my classes, not only for the great stretching and relaxing, but for the camaraderie and support you provided

harshika kemkar

I truly can't thank you enough for the incredible classes and support. Not only did I feel physically prepared & relaxed but I love the fact that it felt like a genuine, caring fellow from the very beginning. I love how you explained what was happening to our bodies and why the various positions & stretches you were showing were benefiting our bodies and babies. Your calming demeanor helped to put my doubts and fears to rest and I really appreciated your guidance throughout the entire course. You are incredible at what you do and women are lucky to have you be a part of their pregnancy.

Vijeta Agrawal

Dr. Swati's classes helped me to connect with my inner strength and to draw strength from the world around me. This helped me through my pregnancy and the transition to parenthood. Yoga helps me to find a sense of peace and calm and acceptance amidst the enormous change that comes with having kids"

"You have a gift of making each mom feel special, giving each of us the time and positive energy to think about and address the experience of pregnancy and birth for the wonderful part of life. 

Preksha Jain

Apart from good luck, Swati's class was what made Kiana's birth such a peaceful and joyous experience. I used the techniques throughout labour and I don't know what I'd have done without them!'' I still remember I was doing my exercises right before I admitted in hospital.

Mehar Ahuja


Thank you so much for your teaching and support during my pregnancy. Your gentelnes, encouragement, celebration of womanhood and the wonder joy of pregnancy & birth is such a gift to the woman. It held me and my partner to feel empowered and in control of birth experiences and these feelings have extended into perenting and family life.

Sonu Bihani

Brilliant...! Meditation and yoga help you let go of the pressures of work and prepares you for the gentleness of motherhood. Aerobics kept me energetic throughout. "The relaxation and breathing techniques were particularly helpful." I would highly recommed every mother to join her classes.


The class helped me a lot with easing physical aches and pains during the pregnancy and recommending safe and effective stretches and exercises, but just as important were the information, stories and advice about managing the experience of labour and birth that came out in each class. The benefit was having a calm, positive oasis to focus on connecting with and preparing for the arrival of my new baby.

Darshna purohit

As a doctor I know that some labours will have complications that no amount of yoga can change but I strongly believe that keeping active in labour and using the kind of techniques that Swati suggests in her classes can avoid the need for medical analgesia and the potential complications that can come with that... There's something about the practise itself that ensures it comes back to you when the labour is blocking more conscious thought. The classes, infused with swati's warm personality, were great fun, helping me to relax during those last months of pregnancy. I can't recommend these classes highly enough." 

Dr. Deepti Garg

"I think swati's been wonderful - very caring and compassionate. Also quietly informative and affirming of natural birth practises and trust in our female bodies." it was best way to be fit during the pregnancy and the recovery afterwards.

Neha Sanghavi

The practice of yoga and fun filled excercise sessions were without a doubt one of the most centering, enriching and simply perfect ways of being happy throughout my pregnancy. I had a complicated pregnancy and was suggested bed rest but swati's customised exercises were much relief from the situation.

Sanjana Arora

Got to know about Dr. Swati's classes through my Gynec and my friends. I throughly enjoyed her classes. I always felt refreshed, rejuvenated and recuperated after the sessions. I wish she was here for my postnatal sessions too.

Hetvee Desai

Amazing teacher. Lots of info and positive energy and I always leave session feeling great. 

Bhumika chopda

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