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About Us

Dr. Swati bajaj
M.P.T. (Obstetrics & Gynecology),

Dr. Swati Bajaj is the founder and resource person of mamma’s care

  • Dr. Swati Bajaj has done her masters of physiotherapy in obstetrics and gynecology, what makes her perfect for women health and fitness education. She has command in exercise science, kinesiology as well as competent in field of obstetrics and gynecology.

  • Dr.swati bajaj is certified pilates instructor and k11 certified personal fitness trainer. She has certifications in neurodynamics, which is a highly recommended form of treatment these days.

  • She has done her certification in acupuncture

  • she is excellent in meditation ,centering and visualization techniques with command in chakra healing techniques and kundalini kriya.

  • Dr. Bajaj uses a holic treatment approach in various disorders and baby’s early development. She has certifications in neuro developmental techniques and reflex stimulation techniques which are the best techniques to achieve baby’s early developmental milestones and hastening the over all development of a child

  • She started mamma’s care in indore and explored its branches in Ujjain, Dewas, Bhopal and Khandwa. Mamma’s Care is now at Pune & Mumbai and growing Its branches in all over India.

  • Dr. Swati Bajaj is antenatal, birthing expert and has been conducting workshops, seminars, classes and camps in association with various hospitals, gynecologist, government organizations.

  • Dr. swati bajaj conducts women health instructor training programs for medical students and fitness professionals. She has been writing articles in newspapers, research papers and she is a well known blogger.

  • She takes online classes for USA & UK based people with a growing brand live yogis

  • She is being featured in a 24 episode yog series of a T.V. show FITNESS GURU at ICC lifestyle channel.

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