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Trouble getting fit after a baby: mamma's care offers mum & bub classes

Good news for moms of Pune. Do you face problem in getting fit and back to pre pregnancy body???.. here is the solution for you..

Mamma's care presents MUM & BUB classes, where you can bring your baby. you can enjoy your work outs while your baby would be taken care of and will learn new things, can play with friends. isnt it great.... YES |||||| The concept is super popular in Pune moms

Benifits of mum & bub class:

you no longer can make an excuses for not working out becauses of your baby

benifits of mommy group... sharing your motherhood with other moms

your baby will be indulged in play and learning activity that will help in play school compliance later on

you would not be discouraged by your deconditioned body after delivery among all moms , this otherwise happens in gyms or simple zumba classes..

SO WHY TO WAIT... JUST GO FOR IT... CALL 9827502001 NOW....

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