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51 tips for a healthy pregnancy

If you are expecting a baby here are some tips for your happy and healthy pregnancy and childbirth experience.

1. Welcome your baby with an open heart and smiling face weather it is a planned or an unplanned pregnancy, if you are going to continue your pregnancy make sure you are prepared for it.

2. Take an appointment with obstetrician. Visit your doctor on given intervals that will ensure you are in healthy pregnancy or discover early abnormal signs of fetus.

3. Start healthy eating practice as soon as you know about your pregnancy.

4. Stop consuming alcohols or smoking.

5. Restrict your caffeine consumption.

6. Eat as soon as you wake up in the morning to avoid nausia and acidity.

7. Eat something a biscuit or homemade cookies when you wake up in midnight for micturition. This will limit your morning sickness.

8. Try to eat freshly cooked food. It is easy to digest and prevents indigestion, gases, bloating.

9. Drink atleast 8-12 glasses of water a day to release all the toxins from the body, easy digestion and supple skin.

10. Take essential vitamins, folic acid, iron calcium regularly as per your doctors recommendation.

11. Take your iron tablets with vitamin c or some citrus fruit for better absorption.

12. Eat protein rich food, it is an essential body building and repair block.

13. Avoid fried or over spicy food to avoid acidity and heart burns.

14. Don't lie down immediately after your meals. It can cause gastro esophageal regurgitation or acid re-flux.

15. Walk for 10-15 after having meals. it will prevent bloating.

16. Go out in fresh air specially in morning and evening to fill your lungs and brain with fresh oxygen. It is one of the best way to cure prenatal depression and mood swings.

17. Talk to your partner and family members about your problems and happiness. Sharing is a very important part.

18. Exercise regularly atleast 3-4 times in a week for maximum fitness can prevent your body aches and will maintain your strength through your pregnancy.

19. Practice yoga to keep your body flexible. It is a mind body connection which gives you physical mental as well as spiritual benefits

20.Practice meditation , centering techniques and visualization .it keeps you calm. you send positive vibrations to your baby

21. Womb talking is the most important thing for baby bonding. Talk to your baby in your womb as soon as u get to know you have a new life growing in your body. Your baby is equally alive in your womb as she is after birth.

22. Try to stay away from the stressful situations, negative people and environment, Practice affirmations and positive self talks once caught in such situations

23. Join prenatal classes and groups you will find many other women who are in same boat sharing experience is a good way to keep yourself happy and occupied in good way

24. Continue your job as long as you can easily manage , preserve your leave for your nursing days if you are planning to continue work after delivery

25. Gift your self happy times. Go for a vacation, plan a babymoon; consult your doctor once before making such plans.

26. Ask your partner to join you on your new healthy habit changes.

27. Learn parenting skill. try to get latest updates.

28. Read nice books. Whatever you read and think you convey your thoughts to your baby so make sure you are giving the best ones.

29. Avoid chemicals that could possibly harm your baby. You can find these at work, in your home, and just about anywhere, be environmentally sensitive.

30. Keep a food diary to ensure that you are keeping up with your daily requirements.

32. Swimming is great in late pregnancy. It can help relieve a lot of aches and pains and makes you feel weightless.

33. if you have long sitting job don't forget to stretch your muscles at frequent interval

34. Maintain ionic balance in body, dehydration , calcium and ionic imbalance cause night cramps specially in calves.stretch your calves before sleeping

35. Turning while sleeping is the biggest nightmare. Try segmental rolling.bend your knees first then lift your hips in bridging position, this way you can turn easily to your other side

36. Take ample rest. if you have insomnia in night try to avoid sleeping long hours in day time,take power nap instead.

37. Write a birth plan. Something to help you clarify what you want or need for your birth experience. Share this with your practitioners.Take your husband to the birthing and labor classes so that he understands every thing and can help you during your labor pains.

38. Review the signs of premature labor and warnings signs for when to call your practitioner.

39.Tour your selection of birth facilities before making a choice.Choose your hospital wisely. make sure it has all the medical facilities, neonatal care and maintains proper hygiene.

40. Pack your birthing bags once you reach your 9th month. do not forget to keep your all necessary stuff you may require there.

41. Join breast feeding class if possible. roll your nipple daily and massage your breast to make sure your nipples are protruded.

42. Relaxation and deep breathing in fresh air or calm environment is the best way to cope up with breathlessness specially with growing age of gestation

43. Be active at the time of labor pain.Exercises during labor can bring baby in optimum position and makes labor easier

44. If you are planning for a c-section, learn postnatal care of your stitches and lifestyle modifications.

45. Try to eat healthy easily digestible food after delivery so as to avoid pressure over stitches while defecation

46. Pregnancy is such a unique experience and is always an emotional roller coaster. Just remember to enjoy each moment as much as you can, be gentle with yourself, embrace any emotion you feel at the time, and be okay with having both good days and bad days .every day of pregnancy won’t feel blissful. so fill your self will positive thoughts

47. Make your pregnancy memorable by capturing your can make pregnancy vlogs for yoUr family or make youtube channels

48. Be.calm and have patience, enjoy growing a little life within you.

49. whatever difference you and your partner had so far now you are going to become a parent so respect each other.fill your family with love and be prepared for upcoming changes in life

50. Breast feed your baby as soon as she is born. if you are not able to get breast milk be patient and seek help.

51. kangaroo mother care help in most of the situations. keep your baby in skin to skin contact in a quite place.feel the connection with your baby. it can solve many problems wonderfully


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