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Move your preggy belly with Dr. Swati Bajaj

Reduces stress and promotes relaxation

Belly dancing lowers blood pressure on regular practice, reduces Adrenalin secretion and hence lower down the stress levels.secretion of feel good hormones like endorphin which boost you mood and helps in facing anxiety and antenatal depression

Make your labor an easy process

Belly dancing increases the flow of oxytocin,which allows labor to start naturally. encourages the baby into a optimal positioning for labor and birth.The muscles of the uterus move the baby in clockwise corkscrew fasion. belly dance moves enhance this natural action

Bonding with the baby

Belly dancing requires an insight and self judgement which allows bonding with your baby and partner.belly moves give soothing effect to the fetus in your womb and vitals are made comfortable with relaxation

Improves fitness

Belly dancing improve self confidence and positive body image. Aid and improve posture. strength and endurance get improved with belly dance. promote balance and co-ordination. relieves back pain. improve abdominal control and awareness

Strengthening abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

lubricating,stretching and widening the pelvic outlet for case of delivery. helps maintain pelvic floor tone and therefore reduces chances of uterine way to strengthen abdominal muscles which maintains tone and firmness of your tummy

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